Creating a positive experience for your teams and people is an important part of today’s work as a manager and in our changing world this requires a new mindset.  As a manager you need to be equipped to set quality goals, check in regularly, give feedback often in a helpful manner, inspire continuous stretching and learning and nurture and motivate the best in your people.  Sounds simple, but how does this get accomplished?  Hudson’s Spot Coaching provides a practice ‘just in time’ approach to day-to-day conversations that focuses on the development of your people and inspires others to reach for the best.

Hudson’s Spot Coaching™ Approach


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Spot Coaching addresses the need for leaders to have a practical set of coaching skills that can be implemented at the right times to help develop people at work. The process outlined is simple and practical, and when implemented yields results in team development, engagement and productivity.


The approach uses a three-part coaching methodology—Engage, Plan, Sustain.

1. Engage: Your leaders will learn how to “D.I.G.” Deeper—our proven inquiry process that reveals the real coachable issue. With D.I.G., leaders are taught how to ask the right questions in order to:

2. Plan: Change doesn’t happen overnight, we teach leaders how to build action steps with their employees that will lead to sustainable change.

3. Sustain: Leaders will learn how to support, sustain and measure the impact of their coaching.


We customize our programs based on who is in the room. We work with supervisors, mid and senior-level managers.

Programs include pre-work, an onsite one-day workshop, and an eight-week interactive follow-up series including videos, tools and resources to continue to grow one’s skills.

The program is available in a dynamic virtual environment and it is available for licensing along with a train-the-trainer feature.

Download the Program Details (PDF)

SpotCoaching - Program Details

ready to equip your managers with the ability to rapidly develop their people — one conversation at a time?

Contact us to discuss your coaching and leadership needs.

We’ll explore solutions that best meets your company’s goals and objectives.




  • Provides you with a licensing agreement to teach Spot Coaching internally
  • Rapidly brings coaching skills to a large number of leaders across your organization
  • Gives you flexibility in delivery and reduces costs
  • Consists of one-day Spot Coaching Workshop followed by one to two days of leader training

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