Our Hudson community is a powerful force for good in the coaching arena and in making a difference in our world. We are  a global learning community that extends a hand to one another in work, in play, and in making a difference in the world. These connections take so many forms – like 15 coaches around the globe who have given hundreds of hours to coaching young leaders in One Acre Fund in East Africa; or groups of coaches who have been supporting each others business development for the past several years on a monthly basis; or a coach opening their home to a fellow CHICoach they have never met before. Day in and day out our community is a positive force in the world — and in our 30th year we thought it would be a fitting goal for our community as individuals and teams to pledge 30 hours of coaching over the next 12 months that makes a difference in our world.

We invite you to read stories from CHICoach Community members below and then make your pledge and help us make a difference!


Oregon Food Bank – HI Portland Team

HI Portland Coaches from left to right: Winsor Jenkins, Master Coach Gary Edwards, Suzy Driver, Master Coach Michelle Sosinski, Mary Beth Frerichs, Peter Wallmark

The Mission of the Oregon Food Bank is “to eliminate hunger and its root causes . . . because no one should be hungry.”  Six HI Coaches in Portland are actively engaged in helping the OFB Leadership Team meet that goal. Hunger is a national issue but in Oregon and southwest Washington, one in five households has food insecurity. The Oregon Food Bank (OFB) works to meet this need by collecting food from farmers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, individual and government sources, then distributing it through a statewide network of 21 regional food banks and 970 partner agencies. 

The project began on June 7, 2016 during an OFB Leadership Team off-site. Excited by the opportunity to work with seasoned Hudson Coaches, the OFB Leadership Team immediately scheduled bi-weekly coaching sessions of 60-90 minutes. We are providing the OFB Leadership Team with the full “Hudson Institute experience” of “leading from behind” with powerful questions designed to elicit “ah hah” moments.

We have identified the following benefits from our coaching work with the OFB Leadership Team thus far:

  1. We are helping individuals find their leadership style and voice to further develop their capacity as leaders in the non-profit organization
  2. We each “feel good in doing good” by providing pro bono coaching services to individuals in a non-profit organization that does important work
  3. We are learning more about collaborating as a team of coaches who are working with individual clients within an organization
  4. We are reflecting each month on our coaching skills and exploring “self as coach” issues in a safe environment with trusted peers

We thank the Hudson Institute Leadership Team for encouraging us to enter into this pro bono coaching engagement as part of the “30 on 30” Project!

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One to One Women Coaching Women by Beata Rydeen, MA - My Impact: I have coached 5 women who are Caregivers of of their Wounded Veteran husbands! Each one has received 26 hours - weekly one hour sessions for 6 months. One to One is a virtual non -profit. There are (read more...)
501Commons by Lynn Hagerman - My Impact: 501 Commons serves nonprofits throughout the State of Washington. It evolved out of the Executive Service Corps that has affiliates in many large cities throughout the country. This project involved providing design, and facilitation services, for the 501Commons (read more...)
Cape Cod Climate Change Leaders by Susan Starkey - My Impact: I coached two leaders for 4 months each for 10 sessions each (total of 20 hrs coaching). Person A: better able to confidently voice her leadership and bring her passion for CARING for the CAPE to fruition. Person (read more...)
Rotary Club of Eagan, MN Ethics Workshop by Bill Lindberg - My Impact: Heightened awareness of ethical issues for emerging leaders at Northfield High School in Minnesota. We transitioned this program this year to the local Rotary Club. This was the third year of participation. Students were very pleased with the (read more...)
One to One Women Coaxhing Women by Beata Rydeen, MA - My Impact: I have coached 5 women who are Caregivers of of their Wounded Veteran husbands! Each one has received 26 hours - weekly one hour sessions for 6 months. One to One is a virtual non -profit. There are (read more...)
One to One Women Coaching Women by Beata Rydeen, MA - My Impact: I have coached 5 women who are Caregivers of of their Wounded Veteran husbands! Each one has received 26 hours - weekly one hour sessions for 6 months. One to One is a virtual non -profit. There are (read more...)
The Woodlands UMC – In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey by Andrea Gallien - My Impact: Many of you are aware that the 2017 hurricane season has been a particularly active one. Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast area of Texas the last weekend in August. Once the flood waters had receded, it was (read more...)
Elementary School Teacher by Kathryn Downing - My Impact: Coaching has provided this teacher with self-care and self-renewal strategies to cope with the additional stress of the Presidential election campaign and the new administration as she is an elementary teacher in a school that is composed of (read more...)
Antioch Women and Leadership Certificate Program by Kathryn Downing - My Impact: Developing leadership capabilities and project management skills with selected participants through a 10-month coaching engagement. Lessons Learned: The power of coaching as part of a several month leadership development program. Strengthening the management of my shadow sides of (read more...)
Humanitarian Coaching Network by Brenda Routt - My Impact: The organization was formed to support the development and well being of humanitarian staff globally. This project is focused on United Nations workers in the following countries-Somalia, Sudan, Gaza, Nepal and Denmark. The work has focused on helping (read more...)
Salvation Army by Brenda Routt - My Impact: Worked with one woman to see her potential as she was trying to juggle school with highly limited resources and a small child. She found the support of the Salvation Army as a way to find ways to (read more...)
Caring House by Claire Tehan - My Impact: I have been a thought partner for the Residence Manager of Caring House which is the first home for people at the end of life in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Even though she is a (read more...)
Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini & Individuals by Elena Foggiato - My Impact: Fondazione Brodolini is no-profit promoting dialogue and a continuous knowledge exchange among communities, governments, civil society and private sector. The Foundation is an active player providing services to foster economic development, social cohesion, employment and innovation. I coached (read more...)
Shining Mountain Waldorf School by Linda Newlin Kittelsen, MCC - My Impact: New School Director has made dramatic shifts in her ability to lead an organization whereby she is being asked to develop an entirely new culture for more than 500 people that includes a dynamic and diverse Board of (read more...)
United Church of Christ – 3 different leaders by Rebecca Glenn - My Impact: Greater clarity, motivation and involvement around changes in the underlying systems for fundraising, granting money and starting churches to more fully align with the vision of the UCC. The vision calls for the full inclusion of LGBTQ people (read more...)
Katherine Harvey Fellows by John Glanville - My Impact: Katherine Harvey Fellows is a program of the Santa Barbara Foundation for young professional program that introduces philanthropy, contribution of service to the community, and leadership to young professionals identified as potential community leaders for the community of (read more...)
The River Birch Project© by Lynn Hagerman - My Impact: A Seattle based professional development gathering brings together women leaders, most of whom serve in nonprofits, and the social benefit sector. This is as a learning community, cross-generational, and focused on creative collaboration for growth. Themes: Gender and (read more...)
Seattle Children’s Hospital, Research, Foundation by Lynn Hagerman - My Impact: Coaching for the Academic Clinician. Clinical Researchers, academic clinicians have a particularly demanding early/mid stage career path... by serving patients through state of the art clinical care while building a research base to establish academic careers. This is (read more...)
Global Fund For Women by Monica Molina Austin - My Impact: sd Lessons Learned: I have enlisted 3 other professionals and decided to treat this as a probono full scope consulting pro-bono offer to an organization that would not normally have access to this level of support. We asked (read more...)
Sanford Institute of Philanthropy by Susan Chritton, M.Ed., PCC, BCC - My Impact: I was one of three presenters at the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy for 40 non-profits to help them understand who they are serving and how to best use story and trust in building their social media platforms. Lessons (read more...)
Trillium Employment Services, Seattle by Kevin Limbach - My Impact: I'm working with the Executive Director as she grows into her role, and works to expand the reach and capability of the organization. Lessons Learned: I'm learning how many challenges a leader in the non-profit sector faces -- (read more...)
Christine Noffz Coaching & Consulting by Christine Noffz, PCC - My Impact: My W4C3 client shared a situation that happened last week regarding meeting a new Sr. VP for the first time. It was an introductory and brief project status update meeting. She recognized several minutes into the meeting that (read more...)
Women for Change Coaching Community by Kate McGuinness - My Impact: Women for Change Coaching Community ("W4C3") provides 12 free coaching sessions to women whose annual household income is less than $40,000 and who desire to make positive changes in their lives. I have worked with two women making (read more...)
The John Howard Society by Eileen Terry - My Impact: This organization has been in existence to serve the underserved, the forgotten, the tossed aside, in particular...those in, out or veering toward the criminal justice system. "Effective, just and humane responses to the causes and consequences of crime (read more...)
National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty (NONPF) by Ellen Dawson - My Impact: I began coaching C.B. on June 6th. She had a strong clinical career as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) but decided to switch pathways to academia. She applied and was accepted in the National Organizations of Nurse Practitioner (read more...)
Women’s March Huddle Groups by Janet Matts - My Impact: Working with a Huddle Group, resulting from the Women's March on Washington on January 21, 2017. Providing coaching regarding having constructive dialogue and conversations. Using Parker Palmer book on Democracy and supporting opportunities in the local community to (read more...)
Call of Compassion NW (CCNW) by Bob (Robert) Fahrer - My Impact: My coaching commitment ended in early December,2016, working directly with Executive Director John Hale to provide a place for him to reflect on/adjust CCNW Board strategy & tactics as it develops a comprehensive ACTION PLAN to address homeless (read more...)
DEFY Ventures by Janine Davis - My Impact: I think this blog post pretty much says it all. I spent the day in prison last week. And it was one of the most profound experiences of my life. How is it possible to stand face to (read more...)
One Person at a Time by Jim Fries - My Impact: Providing career transition coaching services to folks who have been cast adrift and are looking; or are actively looking to look elsewhere. Lessons Learned: Learning to balance the tactical ("here's a tip sheet on how to update your (read more...)
WEV – Women’s Economic Ventures by Jennifer Olsen - My Impact: I am coaching two women entrepreneurs, both of whom have ventured out and started their own businesses - one in HR Consulting and the other in marketing. One in particular that I have been coaching is really beginning (read more...)
Canadian Women’s Foundation by Catherine Daw - My Impact: I worked with a woman who had completed the CWF leadership program coaching her through the final implementation of her goal as part of her program commitment. We focused on application of the goal in the context of (read more...)
Jewish Federation of Los Angeles by Leslie Goldenberg - My Impact: I have volunteered with the Jewish Federation for the past five years as a coach-facilitator at an offsite retreat for the New Leader's Project, a program that helps young Jewish professionals to become civic leaders who are actively (read more...)
GlobalStar Coaching by Andrea Gallien - My Impact: Two recent graduates in Petroleum Engineering were facing a difficult job market. Both of these young men found an entry level job after a lot of hard work on their part, and a little bit of coaching on (read more...)
Jessie’s Centre for Teenage Mothers by Catherine Daw - My Impact: I have been coaching both the Executive Director and one of her senior management team members. The ED has been there for almost 20 years and is looking to undertake succession planning as well as her own transition (read more...)
John Howard Society of Hamilton by Eileen Terry - My Impact: This extraordinary organization supports all those who come in contact with the justice system. From work to help kids leave the gangs they are in, to helping ex-cons get work, housing and life skills. This group of dedicated (read more...)
ASPEN FIELD BIOLOGY LABORATORY by Sue Stevenson - My Impact: A small not-for-profit with a small board. Very early in engagement, so no demonstrable results yet other than belief in possibilities for the future. Lessons Learned: How to work with people who hold Board meetings in the outdoors (read more...)
Global Fund For Women by Monica Molina Austin - My Impact: sd Lessons Learned: I have enlisted 3 other professionals and decided to treat this as a probono full scope consulting pro-bono offer to an organization that would not normally have access to this level of support. We asked (read more...)
Xander and Romeo getting ready to go for a visit - Hudson Institute 30 on 30 update WellSpring Associates by Reesa Abrams - My Impact: My spouse, Xander Abrams and I have a Certified Therapy Dog, Romeo. He has his own page on our website at wellsprg.com. On Mondays he takes care of patients and caretakers at a critical care facility in Santa (read more...)
State wide, non-profit political organization in California by Catherine Robinson-Walker - My Impact: I am providing pro-bono services to a female leader who is very talented. But she is challenged by being in a new high-profile role. Her job is to communicate well and persuade but she is intimidated by her (read more...)
University of Louisiana at Lafayette by Andrea Gallien - My Impact: I am helping two newly graduated petroleum engineer through the job search process. The business climate in the Energy industry is a tough one right now. These students were told that if they worked hard and made good (read more...)
WEV-Women’s Economic Ventures in Santa Barbara, and Individuals by Jennifer Magnabosco, PhD, ACC - My Impact: Helping individuals gain greater self-awareness about patterns and how they play a role in their capacity to make the changes/shifts they would like to make. Lessons Learned: I am continuously fascinated by the different ways clients approach gearing (read more...)
Issaquah Schools Foundation by Susan Gellatly - My Impact: Helping a new principal develop the strategy and helping her team project manage their tasks/deliverables for the opening of a new alternative high school. Lessons Learned: The issues that 1) arise for any new school, 2) exist for (read more...)
Women for Change Coaching Community (W4C3) by Christine Noffz, PCC - My Impact: A better sense of self-awareness, an ability to check in with herself so she isn't so easily triggered, an increased ability to communicate wants and needs, a deeper appreciation of her strengths, an ability to shift her understanding (read more...)
Andrew Youn's video highlighting One Acre Fund and their work in Rwanda Giving Back to One Acre Fund by Pam McLean - Andrew Youn, CEO of One Acre Fund, based in the East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, and Ethiopia, serves farmers through micro lending and farming technique training. Andrew joined our annual dinner via this video in (read more...)


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