Call of Compassion NW (CCNW)

My Impact:
My coaching commitment ended in early December,2016, working directly with Executive Director John Hale to provide a place for him to reflect on/adjust CCNW Board strategy & tactics as it develops a comprehensive ACTION PLAN to address homeless needs in Seattle. GOAL of ED & Board is to build and sustain a NEW MODEL – “Camp Second Chance”, or CSC – a drug-free & sober homeless community with permanent sanctioned housing on dedicated city property utilizing a PROCESS that involves CSC community members at every planning/execution action point & necessary neighborhood buy-in. I assisted CSC Project Team co-Managers (one was by necessity a CSC resident) to enable them to build organization leadership processes. I worked with ED Hale & co-Managers to build a CSC business plan, & build relationships into the city homeless decision-making structure that has included a Jeffersonian Dinner.

Lessons Learned:
Learnings include: ‘action’ has been identified as a critical component of ‘compassion’ & that ‘compassion resources’ are being brought in more organized ways to problems of the homeless; that there is a growing awareness & movement (action!) on the part of the business sector, working alongside the city’s churches & other human care-inclined organizations, of the need to DEVELOP ACTION PLANS & SOLUTIONS & BUSINESS PLANS to this now-visible and draining problem; & that coaches can provide much-needed development & sustaining assistance to over-worked, over-stressed, resource-short leaders & senior staff in simplifying, aiding in movement toward desired end-states, bringing team-building & ROI to all aspects of work in this area. NOTE #1: CCNW is a central planner in the 2017 visit by the Dalai Llama to Seattle and my work will continue here and in other selected CCNW areas.

— Bob (Robert) Fahrer (01/03/2017)

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