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My Impact:
My W4C3 client shared a situation that happened last week regarding meeting a new Sr. VP for the first time. It was an introductory and brief project status update meeting. She recognized several minutes into the meeting that she was falling into old patterns of behavior by allowing her feelings of intimidation to make her retreat and shut down. So she decided in that moment, she was going to utilize the tools and reframing she created for helping her through exactly these types of situations. It worked. She shared that her shift in action and behavior gave her the confidence and ability to ask questions for clarity and to share her thoughts and ideas. The bonus was that she’d felt she demonstrated her unique skills and perspectives with the Sr. VP – something she has never experienced before.

Lessons Learned:
I love what I do and so appreciate the gift of supporting a woman’s desire to improve her life’s direction towards an empowered, healthy, authentic, and successful path through coaching.

— Christine (Chris) Noffz, PCC (08/22/2016)

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