Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini & Individuals

My Impact:
Fondazione Brodolini is no-profit promoting dialogue and a continuous knowledge exchange among communities, governments, civil society and private sector. The Foundation is an active player providing services to foster economic development, social cohesion, employment and innovation.
I coached two people within the organization; they had a different seniority, but they carried similar challenging positions. As a result of the work done together, they gained self-confidence and a stronger awareness of their internal resources; autonomy and independence in the decision-making process, and less dependency on steady feedback from the management. This improvement, recognized by the sponsor, is reducing complexity within the organizational, leading to more trust, and a more effective internal communication.

Lessons Learned:
– The importance and the significance that giving back to a no-profit has. The ripple effect, starting from the individual to the organization, is very strong, and powerful
– The importance of positioning the pro-bono coaching hours correctly: being free, it is important to stress that commitment, accountability and presence are as crucial as in a pay-for engagement

— Elena Foggiato (03/21/2017)

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