Humanitarian Coaching Network

My Impact:
The organization was formed to support the development and well being of humanitarian staff globally. This project is focused on United Nations workers in the following countries-Somalia, Sudan, Gaza, Nepal and Denmark. The work has focused on helping these managers grow skills in relating to donors, which can be individuals and UN leaders of whole countries. The coaching has centered on helping them develop management skills-political savvy, business acumen, motivating their employees, translating the value of their work to all audiences, influencing retention of top talent. They have worked to develop coaching skills as they take 360 feedback and help each other find ways to grow their capabilities as managers.

Lessons Learned:
I will always be learning as a coach; that issues managers face are universal regardless of country; that the United Nations sees the value of coaching as a tool to help develop talent; that coaches around the world are giving their time and talents; that I am fortunate to apply my skills in this meaningful way; that The Hudson Institute of Coaching is recognized as one of the most prestigious schools in the world-by the founder of the Humanitarian Coaching Network and by colleagues in the program.

— Brenda Routt (03/26/2017)

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