Jewish Federation of Los Angeles

My Impact:
I have volunteered with the Jewish Federation for the past five years as a coach-facilitator at an offsite retreat for the New Leader’s Project, a program that helps young Jewish professionals to become civic leaders who are actively engaged with political life. When 30 for 30 launched, I called my client at the Federation to talk about other ways I could serve the organization. She had recently been promoted into a more senior role, just a notch down from the CEO, and asked if I would be willing to donate my time to coach her. I was delighted to be asked and delighted to be able to offer myself in service to her in this capacity.

Lessons Learned:
I’m learning the same lesson over and over again in my coaching, and this client is an excellent instructor: trust your client and follow their lead, because they know far better than I do where we need to go!

— Leslie Goldenberg (09/06/2016)

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