The John Howard Society

My Impact:
This organization has been in existence to serve the underserved, the forgotten, the tossed aside, in particular…those in, out or veering toward the criminal
justice system. ”Effective, just and humane responses to the causes and consequences of crime .” The work I am doing with this organization is with the “acting Executive Director” and her direct reports.She was named after the permanent director died suddenly and unexpectedly. Impact is still developing but 1-2-1 with Director supporting her in transitional role, and team development support .

Lessons Learned:
My early college passion of wanting to impact prison reform….the universe has conspired to reunite me with my passion. I am deeply grateful. I am also delivering Renewing Teams workshop which will allow me to dust off the rust, as I haven’t done this in some time.

— Eileen Terry (07/21/2016)

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