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My Impact:
Coaching for the Academic Clinician. Clinical Researchers, academic clinicians have a particularly demanding early/mid stage career path… by serving patients through state of the art clinical care while building a research base to establish academic careers. This is particularly daunting for women MD’s who choose academic medicine. This project involves providing coaching to talented MD’s fellowship trained and with post-graduate clinical distinction. We focus on the strengths, skills and approaches that will help them be ready to oversee and direct teams for success in the ‘publish or perish’ environment.

Lessons Learned:
It’s gratifying because of the talent and commitment of the MDs involved; and because of who they are as people. They contribute to the advancement of science, and the state of the art in pediatric care. Their work has significant social benefit: their research contributes to advancing medicine and also the lives of those within their care.

I like working with women MD’s at this stage when academic and clinical demands intersect at a time when personal (sometimes family) demands also converge… it is a critical stage to navigate for later success. This matters to me because, when these MD’s are women, we risk losing them from the higher ranks of academics.

— Lynn Hagerman, MPH, PCC (02/18/2017)

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