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Xander and Romeo getting ready to go for a visit - Hudson Institute 30 on 30 update

Xander and Romeo getting ready to go for a visit

My Impact:
My spouse, Xander Abrams and I have a Certified Therapy Dog, Romeo. He has his own page on our website at wellsprg.com. On Mondays he takes care of patients and caretakers at a critical care facility in Santa Cruz. Monthly he goes with 20 other dogs to a senior center, critical care facility, or school to provide support. During the school year he is one of the dogs sought out by the Santa Cruz County Education for the Severely Autistic School where he goes monthly. During the week he supports Xander and his clients in Mindfulness at his office. Also Romeo exercises both of us and keeps us fit.

Lessons Learned:
I have learned a lot about aging and being in crisis that helped me recently when I was hospitalized for asthma. I have learned to better assess caretakers of all kinds as I get to see them live and then hear from their clients how effective they were. At one point we were going to a critical care facility where I was sitting in the car crying after the visit. A conversation with advisors caused us to walk away and find a new place to be. It is not about conflict. It is about service.

— Reesa Abrams (06/22/2016)

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