WEV – Women’s Economic Ventures

My Impact:
I am coaching two women entrepreneurs, both of whom have ventured out and started their own businesses – one in HR Consulting and the other in marketing. One in particular that I have been coaching is really beginning to feel more comfortable and confident as a respected professional in her field. One of the coaching goals we have been working towards is to help her feel more comfortable “speaking up”. She shared that as a child she would rather take a failing grade than speak in front of the class – recently she completed 5 public speaking engagements in one month and was surprised and pleased to reflect back on how much she has learned about herself during the coaching process and how confident she is becoming in her own skin. She’s really been working hard during her coaching journey. It’s been a privilege to work with her.

Lessons Learned:
I am learning patience as my client’s self-discover.

— Jennifer Olsen (07/26/2016)

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