Hudson Institute of Coaching, Brasil

Manager-as-Coach: The Spot Coaching Approach™

Our Spot Coaching Approach™ is specifically designed to provide busy managers and leaders with an easy-to-integrate coaching approach that develops individual contributors and strong teams, creating tangible results.

This 1-day Spot Coaching program provides an easy-to-apply coaching approach that managers and leaders can use in their day-to-day work to develop strong team members while creating results as they better inspire and motivate direct reports.

Distinguishing Features:

  • Hudson’s Spot Coaching Approach™ is based on proven expertise in the field of coaching.
  • This approach provides a simple three-stage coaching process that strengthens a manager’s or leader’s ability to develop people through everyday coaching conversations.
  • It provides a practical and simple coaching model that can be quickly integrated into the demands of today’s leaders.
  • Spot Coaching gives leaders skills to discern opportunities for a coaching conversation as well as skills to coach others in their daily work.


  • Our Spot Coaching Approach™ training is one of the simplest ways to provide leaders with coaching skills that noticeably impact the development of others.
  • Spot Coaching will result in direct reports who are able to make better decisions, take more initiative, work more collaboratively, and ultimately develop their leadership skills more deliberately.
  • Spot Coaching not only provides momentum for team members to continue to develop and grow in the organization, it also creates stronger engagement in individuals.

Sustainability Factors:

Conversations come first. We are committed to ensuring this is the right choice for your organization at the right time, and we work to build the relationships that enable us to work together crafting and customizing the right solutions.

Our commitment is to quality and sustainability. We partner with you to insure the highest quality of both teaching and coaching as we provide training of your leaders, support them in applying the Spot Coaching Approach, and provide follow-up coaching supervision to deepen coaching skills and assure their success in coaching others.


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