Uncovering Possibility

InRoads - Pioneers of Possibility

Fifty HI Coaches engaged in a series of conversations about the landscape of the later fifties, sixties and beyond. What follows is a review of the qualitative information we gathered in the course of these rich discussions.

Wanting to know more about adults entering what we’ve traditionally termed “the retirement years”, HISB recently conducted a qualitative study of 50 individuals age 60 to 75 years.These “pioneers of possibility” were all CIT graduates, had professional backgrounds, were well-educated, had a history of “trailblazing” and as a group included 65 percent females and 35 percent males.

The research, collected through a series of 90-minute virtual focus group discussions with the 45-50 CIT graduates, focused on key themes including:

  • What areas seem most important to address at this stage of life?
  • How is this stage different than all others?
  • What is on the mind of someone about to leave a lifelong career?

A Different Time for Different Types of Opportunities

The following are some of the major themes uncovered in the survey about what today’s generation of 60-somethings want to do with this time of opportunity…

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InRoads - Pioneers of Possibility

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