Hitting the Mark — InsideCoaching


Hitting the Mark — InsideCoaching January, 2017

As companies shift away from annual performance reviews to a greater emphasis on coaching, more weight is landing squarely on the shoulders of today’s managers. They can no longer function simply as “fix-and-tell” leaders who swoop in to point out and correct issues. Instead, they have to build the coaching skills to recognize the development opportunities that pop up every day at work and know how to facilitate necessary change in the moment. The business will increasingly depend on these managers to have the kinds of effective, on-the-spot conversations that strengthen engagement, retention, and performance across the board.

“Companies are increasingly turning to coaching and mentoring programs to develop talent. Through coaching, the company can increase the utility of employees to develop others, while helping more employees reach their full performance potential.”

—International Coach Federation/Human Capital Institute: Building a Coaching Culture

This also means that there’s more pressure than ever on managers to translate coaching efforts into tangible outcomes. They can’t just assume that because they’re coaching, the impact will automatically be recognized by others. In fact, according to a study by the International Coach Federation and Human Capital Institute, one of the biggest barriers to implementing a successful coaching culture is the difficulty in measuring return on investment.

The upshot of all this is clear: If you want your coaching culture to take off—and if you want your coaching efforts to pay off—you need to know how to measure the impact of coaching.

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