As the impact of coaching at the senior levels becomes more apparent, there is typically a heightened interest in the power of coaching beyond the executive level, and this leads to coaching high-potential leaders and providing coaching skills for high-level leaders to use in their role as leaders of their organization. Investment beyond external coaches begins by providing comprehensive coach training to a series of leaders within your organization.


Internal Coach - ROI Graph

Source: ICF Global Coaching Client Study 2009 with PwC


Today’s workforce wants to grow. Coaching…

  • Motivates and retains your best people
  • Develops your pipeline of future managers and leaders
  • Increases performance that positively impacts your bottom line

Through coaching, you’re not just growing your workforce, but your business too. By investing in Internal Coach Training you’ll promote and strengthen your commitment to develop your employees, building a culture of coaching throughout your organization.

Building Your Internal Coaching Team with Hudson

Program Overview

  • 5 month experiental learning model
  • Two onsite sessions with active interim learning program
  • Individualized coach developments plans
  • Peer and coach cadre support and development


Business Goals Stay Relevant

Whether coaching is for an individual’s skill, performance or development, the target always needs to be business oriented. Internal coaches learn to track what’s accomplished in their coaching with how the outcomes boost your bottom line.


Able to Measure ROI

Use of our methodology by all members of the internal coaching team creates consistency and continuity for coaching across your organization. This provides the basis for measuring the quality of your coaching and tracking outcomes in a more predictable and meaningful way.


Actionable Coaching

Coaches strengthen key competencies, allowing them to integrate coaching both on the spot and in more formalized coaching engagements. We teach techniques for three engagement types: on-the-spot coaching (a.k.a. Spot Coaching), short-term coaching and long-term coaching. This ensures you have actionable coaching for all engagement lengths.

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Internal Coach Training - Program Details

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