If your organization has an internal cadre of coaches, we provide a year-long program for Group Supervision focused on supporting your coaching team’s development in conjunction with maximizing their impact and value of their coaching inside your organization. Hudson’s Supervision Center is lead by a team of 10 master coaches who have engaged extensively in their own supervision as well as completed a year-long supervision course through Ashridge University Advanced Coaching and Organizational Development Supervision Programme.





At Hudson we are committed to providing coaches with a variety of vehicles for strengthening capacity and we believe supervision is a best practice for any coach dedicated to providing quality service. The developmental journey of a coach is ever evolving and the depth of capacity is in large measure related to the coach’s commitment to their ongoing development.

Coaching supervision provides your coaches an opportunity to deepen their capacity to work effectively in their coaching engagements. The work of the coach is most often done as a solo practitioner so the practice of dedicating a regular time and space to come together with a supervisor and fellow supervisees inevitably allows the coach to reflect upon their work, gain new perspectives and insights, and stay on their own development journey.

Providing Internal Coaching Supervision also allows you to align your coaches, making sure they’re all implementing the same standards of practice, working towards the same organizational goals and using the same evaluation tools.

Our Internal Supervision Program places a focus on the working relationship between coach, client and the key stakeholders in the organization as well as coach and supervisor and members of the supervision group. As we attend to the multiple layers of the system at play in any coaching engagement, the coach inevitably uncovers parallels and patterns that are difficult to perceive without the support of supervision.

Our multi-layered dimensions essential in great coaching include theory and skill based competencies, a reliable and agile methodology, a use of self as coach and a holistic and transformational perspective – and together, we continually links back to these key areas of development throughout the supervision experience.

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