DEFY Ventures

My Impact:
I think this blog post pretty much says it all.
I spent the day in prison last week. And it was one of the most profound experiences of my life.

How is it possible to stand face to face and look eyeball to eyeball with incarcerated men (now EITs – Entrepreneurs in Training) and feel safer being real than I do out in the real world? How is it possible that these men showed me more respect, and acted with more professionalism and gratitude for our help than many people I work with day to day?

DEFY Ventures puts the EITs through a rigorous program, teaching them to be the CEOs of their lives. It’s part entrepreneurship (ideation, business planning, pitching to investors) and part tactical (how to do a resume, how to do an elevator pitch)…..

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Lessons Learned:
All in the blog post 🙂

— Janine Davis (12/06/2016)

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