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Executive Coaching Services

Our executive coaching services will assist leaders to maximize their overall impact and effectiveness in the organization.


Solutions that Fit Your Needs

We want to understand the current needs and challenges you are faced with in order to provide coaching solutions that will and meet your targeted outcomes. We accomplish this by engaging in early discovery discussions that provide clarity around overall goals and help in choosing the right solutions.


Whether your organization seeks to invest in a Spot Coaching skills program, or leadership and executive coaching services, we are committed to working with you to ensure that your goals for this work are met.



The Completely Revised Handbook of Coaching

Author: Pamela McLean $64 – Purchase Handbook of Coaching

The Completely Revised Handbook of Coaching focuses on the specific elements necessary in supporting masterful coaching. It provides seasoned and novice coaches with an overview of the essential elements required on the journey to mastery. Essential elements include a thorough understanding of the key role of Self as Coach; a robust and agile Coaching Methodology, a review of Theories and Concepts informing the essential pillars of masterful coaching, holistic understanding of the client’s life through the lens of transitions, values and human systems, a look at the development of a coaching culture inside today’s organizations as well as the value of a coaching skill set for today’s managers; and finally all that’s required on the coach’s journey to mastery including consideration of the role of supervision in a coach’s development. The Completely Revised Handbook of Coaching is written for:

  • Professional coaches interested in continuing to develop their coaching schools on the journey to mastery
  • Internal coaches inside organizations
  • Managers and supervisors in any organization or company who wish to add coaching to their leadership skillset
  • Professionals in allied fields who may want to add coaching skills to their portfolios
  • University professors wanting to create academic courses on coaching
  • Persons considering the field of coaching who want first to examine what the essential elements are in order to attain coach mastery
  • Human resource and organizational development professionals who want to gain a more in-depth understanding of the field of coaching

“A welcome and comprehensive update of the original Handbook, this theoretically grounded, yet highly practical book presents important integrative coaching models that deal with complex coaching issues in an easy-to-read way. This book will be of use to novices and experienced coaches alike.” —Anthony M. Grant, Ph.D., coauthor, Evidence Based Coaching Handbook; faculty, University of Sydney Publisher: Jossey-Bass ISBN: 9780470-90674-3 Second Edition, 2012

The Brasil Team

Ana Pliopas

Ana is an experienced Coach and Human Resources Professional with over 20 years of experience working for large global organizations. Coaching has been the guiding principle for her activities as a professional coach, professor and executive leader of large teams. With over 2,000 hours of coaching, Ana has supported executives to deal with rapid change and complex events.
Ana’s coaching style provides a safe and at the same time instigating atmosphere where each client is encouraged to understand the impact of his/her behavior on others. Clients are also encouraged to make conscious choice about their work and relationships with others. With continuous feedback and support Ana’s clients remain committed and focused on their goals.

Eugenio Boehm

Eugenio is executive coach and team coach, with a large experience in the corporate world. His executive experience was developed within Royal Philips International, where he used to have different assignments at VP and GM level in the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Chile and Brazil.

His exposure to turnaround projects, within multicultural and complex environments, plus his team based management style, drove his decision to invest on his coaching career.

His coaching style is based on the Hudson Institute methodology, organizational knowledge and multicultural experience. All these elements allow him to create a safe and confidential space, where he challenges and guides his clients to identify the best approach to manage their change process to maximize their contribution to the organization and take benefit of the change on their personal life.

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