Hudson Institute of Coaching, Brasil


Leadership & Executive Coaching Services

Leadership Coaching and Executive Coaching create an opportunity for individualized development targeting the particular needs of high potential leaders or members of the executive team, geared to equip them to better tackle problems, take needed actions, and develop their direct reports. Our typical leadership engagements include 6-9 months of bi-monthly coaching sessions either in person or via telephone. Individualized assessments are used as deemed helpful and appropriate in these engagements.


Distinguishing Features

  • The Hudson Institute selects seasoned coaches from its cadre of graduates of the Coaching Certification Program to work with leaders and executives throughout the world in a coaching relationship to help them consciously navigate through ongoing internal and external changes in their lives.
  • Hudson’s cadre of seasoned certified coaches have a global reach. Coaches are located throughout the world, including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Singapore, The Netherlands, U.K., and U.S.
  • These select coaches, professionals who have specialized in working with leaders and executives, are carefully matched with the individuals inside your organization.
  • Typically, our coaches represent a diverse pool of professionals who share many common traits, including:
    • Advanced educational degree
    • Senior level positions within an organization or professional practice
    • Diverse fields, industries, and functional expertise
    • Experienced in utilizing 360 feedback and other feedback instruments

How the process works

  • Based on an initial assessment of each unique situation, we identify some qualified coach candidates and outline a way to proceed.
  • We encourage leaders to interview the coaches and select a coach with whom they would feel comfortable.
  • The coaching engagement normally has a duration of 6–9 months.
  • A leader may choose to complete an assessment tool prior to beginning the coaching relationship.
  • The first meeting with a coach may begin with a face-to-face session, after which the leader would schedule regular coaching conversations by phone.


Leaders and senior executives

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