The River Birch Project©

My Impact:
A Seattle based professional development gathering brings together women leaders, most of whom serve in nonprofits, and the social benefit sector. This is as a learning community, cross-generational, and focused on creative collaboration for growth. Themes: Gender and leading; Support to leaders with families and children; Leader performance … Professional women have a safe place to discuss challenges, provide mutual support, form friendships and mentor. Programs are offered 2 times a year and include speakers, multi-media presentation, and facilitated small group discussion. 100 women leaders participate and 35-40 participants attend each event. Events are offered at no cost to participants. Program design, facilitation and organization is pro-bono.

Lessons Learned:
Issues related to gender and leading have evolved, but at the same time remained daunting at times, and having others to talk to and learn from and share with matters a great deal. Today’s younger women leaders, building careers, don’t have the same networks or circles of support that women who grew up during the ‘women’ movement era of the 60’s and 70’s and are hungry for the perspective: so the best part of these programs are the cross-generational conversations as we all learn from each other.

— Lynn Hagerman, MPH, PCC (03/04/2017)

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