University of Louisiana at Lafayette

ULL Grads face a tough hiring market

ULL Grads face a tough hiring market

My Impact:
I am helping two newly graduated petroleum engineer through the job search process. The business climate in the Energy industry is a tough one right now. These students were told that if they worked hard and made good grades, they would have a job waiting for them. As reality has set in, they realize that it is not that easy. The jobs are few and the supply is high.

Lessons Learned:
I am challenged to check my own 30+ year Energy industry experience at the door. What worked for me is not what will work for them. The industry is in a different cycle that I experienced, the process for finding a job is different, and the basic skills of leveraging a network are not taught a this university. It is interesting to me to learn how different the world is for them than it was for me. No jobs for them yet, but they seem to be working hard at it!

— Andrea Gallien (05/31/2016)

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