Women for Change Coaching Community (W4C3)

Helping Clients Gain Clarity

Helping Clients Gain Clarity

My Impact:
A better sense of self-awareness, an ability to check in with herself so she isn’t so easily triggered, an increased ability to communicate wants and needs, a deeper appreciation of her strengths, an ability to shift her understanding of the messages received through emotions rather than to wear them like a heavy coat, and an increase in the quality of self-care.

Lessons Learned:
Just how much I love what I do! I feel honored to be an intimate part of a client’s change journey. To experience “a ha” moments literally sends chills down my spine. It is very fulfilling helping women re-learn how unique and special they are while they gain confidence and grow…I found myself humbled and inspired by their thoughts and actions.

Also, I am reminded on how important the work is that we’ve done (and continue to do!) on self-as-coach. To stay ever present, to beat back my tendency to fix, to gracefully challenge, and to gently hold space during difficult times has been a great learning experience.

The Hudson methodology is a powerful guidepost for coaches. Thank you Fredrick, Pam, and all of the mentor master coaches who have shared their love of coaching through teaching us to be the best coaches we can be.

— Christine Noffz (05/21/2016)

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