Women for Change Coaching Community

My Impact:
Women for Change Coaching Community (“W4C3”) provides 12 free coaching sessions to women whose annual household income is less than $40,000 and who desire to make positive changes in their lives. I have worked with two women making career transitions. Each of them asked for a second 12 hour package. By the end of that time, both had jobs they were satisfied with. I’m working now with a third client who also wishes to begin a new career. A fourth client from W4C3 decided she was in greater need of therapy than coaching, and I agreed with that conclusion.

Lessons Learned:
I’ve learned a lot in working with these women. It reinforced the need to meet the client where she is. They had widely varied educational backgrounds. What worked well for a Harvard grad with two masters wouldn’t have helped an out-of-work office assistant. Also, I learned to be more relaxed in the process and not try to hit a home-run or a triple in each session.

— Kate McGuinness (12/29/2016)

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