Your Past Holds Some Secrets to Your Purpose

InRoads - Your Past Holds Some Secrets to Your Purpose

The question of life purpose is in the air.All you need to do is go look at the bookshelves at Border’s or Barnes & Noble and scan the shelves and you’ll find purpose, soul and meaning are everywhere in the titles.This is no wonder, as we are searching for balance to the frenetic pace of our lives and the automatic default within our culture that is so skewed toward performance and continually emphasizes that happiness is derived through consumption. (Not to mention that our goods remain earthbound at the end anyway, from all reports, as we move into whatever the ending mystery of our life entails.)

Yet all the good that high performance and material well-being bring fade when put against the eternal question of “What am and I here for, anyway?”

At LifeLaunch, revitalizing purpose is a key part of the work. The quest in our lives for significance is an underlying assumption behind all the work in LifeLaunch, including pushing past the boulders on the beach and removing the barriers that keep us from moving into purpose with passion and confidence.

One key that I would offer to refreshing your purpose – one that I think can be overlooked if we are not careful – is your past.As you remember your lifeline exercise, with its crazy and unpredictable ups and downs, it is full of memories, incidents and travails,“letting goes” and things coming together.

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InRoads - Your Past Holds Some Secrets to Your Purpose

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